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Bed Bugs? Cockroach? The bane of the 21st century

Unfortunately, more and more insects are showing up in multi-family housing every year. This is due to a lot of neglect and complex housing laws. Often elderly people who have a problem with insects are afraid to admit that they have a problem with insects. Another problematic group of people are addicts who bring in unwanted tenants in the form of bed bugs from their friends. The last group of people are those who try to fight insects in their own way using vinegar, freezer sprays (because it is cheap 10PLN), cloves, lavender. The most common uninvited guests include: bedbugs, cockroaches and more or less persistent flying or running insects. Contrary to popular belief, any building insect can be removed, but this requires locating the apartment/house that is the source of the problem. The administration often has its hands tied and cannot invade someone's apartment to inspect it. Bed bugs and and German cockroaches, when they begin to breed excessively in their current apartment, begin to look for a new, friendlier environment. Individuals numbering in the thousands are found in an apartment, which is the epicenter of the insects. From there, they spread to neighboring apartments. Bed bugs may fall out of their current host in the stairwell and wander to the nearest door.
German cockroaches will easily send scouts throughout the building to find a new, convenient location for their colonies. Unfortunately, in order to win against the insects, you must operate on several fronts simultaneously for the extermination to yield the best results.

BedBug Pest Control - Fumigation, Cockroach Removal

For several years we have been involved in the elimination of the most common building insects such as bed bugs, german cockroaches. Our predominant method is ULV fogging because we can select the right chemicals for the type of insect. We use agents to which the insects are currently not immune, but due to various types of extermination on their own using insufficient amount of chemicals often in the form of aerosols, causes resistance. For preparations that will have an effect, you should pay a minimum of 100zł and follow the recommendations from pest control shop. So you should go to companies that distribute products for pest control. People who work in DIY stores in 99% know that this agent is for bugs and unfortunately their knowledge ends there. With a bit of luck you can get rid of insects yourself, but sometimes it takes months. If you would like to take advantage of our residential extermination services for bed bugs, gel for cockroaches or have any questions about an insects extermination, please visit the contact tab to schedule an extermination treatment.