Bed Bug Proffesional Removal

1# ULV FOGGING for Bed Bugs

Based on spreading a chemical mixture in the form of a cold mist. The base agent is not harmful to humans, does not leave stains and is not unpleasant to smell (although opinions are divided :) ) The substance is mainly distributed in the place where bugs gather, i.e. where the host sleeps. Additionally, the area around the bed, the front door and ventilation ducts are also protected. During the treatment you can not stay directly in the rooms where the fogging was performed for 4 hours. If the entire apartment is fogged, it has to be left for 4 hours. This is the time it takes for the agent to fall on all surfaces; after this time, the apartment should be ventilated for 30 minutes. After waiting the indicated time you can return to the apartment. Before or after the treatment, the technician will give instructions on how to behave after the treatment or in the intervals between treatments.

Before Treatment:

- Vacuum the bed and surrounding area.
- If possible, tidy up the apartment so the bed can be lifted
  or turn around.
- Wash all comforter covers and pillows.
- Empty the bed box however leave all items near the bed.
  (If bed bugs are very numerous skip this step until a technician arrives)
- Then vacuum it and wrap the bag tightly in 2 plastic bags and let out
  air out before wrapping.
- Bury unsealed food including spice fruit in cupboards.
- Bury toilet paper, toothbrushes and razors from the bathroom
- If the bed is located by a window and the curtains are long, pull them down
  and wash them at plus 60 degrees.
- Cover TV/computer or other sensitive electrical items with
  with a towel.

Bed Bug Removal Cost

200PLN to 30 square metres (maximum 2 beds).
250PLN* to 50 square metres (maximum 3 beds).
* +30PLN for every extra bed above 3 beds.

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This procedure uses a sprayer with a much larger droplet diameter than the ULV. No mist is created here, but the entire surface is sprayed with a chemical agent, which in turn is selected depending on the type of insect. This treatment is mainly performed in closed spaces such as basements, attics, staircases. In the case of apartments, there is a high risk of stains, piling up of panels. The disadvantage of this method is that the substances quickly run off the vertical elements and remain on the surfaces for quite a long time, however, do not irritate the respiratory tract so much, but it is still recommended to use gas masks and leave the apartment. Procedures for the treatment look similar to the ULV fogging.