Home Remedies - bed bugs how to get rid of them


The most effective home remedy for killing all stages of bed bugs and their eggs is a steamer. The high heat from a good quality steamer can kill bed bugs on a direct hit. However, it must have a few important features, including a large water tank that allows it to run without long interruptions. Another important thing is a low nozzle pressure as a high-pressure jet will simply throw bed bugs from one place to another. The main disadvantage of this method is that it requires a lot of experience and knowledge of the habits and behaviour of bed bugs. It is only effective for small bed bug infestations (10-15 bed bugs) or in addition to chemical treatment. This method often involves moving beds and turning them upside down. If the bed bug infestation lasts longer than 1.5 months or the bites are more frequent than twice a week, this method will not be effective without the use of strong chemicals treatment by a professional company.


On auction sites or in DIY stores, we can get masses of sprays for various insects, the problem is that the sellers are not educated in their proper application. Some aerosols are for bug freezing (which requires you to hit the bug directly), but require you to hold the bug under the icy spray for 5 to 10 sec. The next aerosols contain such a low dose of chemicals that the bed bug can become immune to them, causing an even greater problem for effective extermination even by professionals. Stronger agents require full-face gas masks because they harm the airways. Without experience, do-it-yourself bed bug elimination often requires more money than it appears. Our customers spend hundreds of PLN on products that rarely have the desired effect. For example, customers call us after spending a few hundred and they are still bitten, but the population is already 4 times higher. However, if you want to carry out the extermination yourself, it is better to go to a professional store or at least call a pest control team.


The high temperature, like a steam cleaner, allows you to kill all stages of the bed bugs as well as the eggs. Unfortunately, this method is difficult to apply as we can only wash bed covers, quilts, pillows and throws. However, bed bugs only stay in these areas when there are large infestations. It likes shade and hard to reach places. Another disadvantage is that our customers report to us that bed bugs can survive a hot bath. Also, not all items can be washed at such high temperatures due to shrinkage of the material. However, it is advisable to wash everything the day before the pest control treatment as possibly deposited eggs will be destroyed and the chemically treated material will also prevent re-entry into the bed. It is also worth noting the very rapid growth of bed bugs, as one adult female lays an average of 5 - 25 eggs per week without the involvement of the male. Therefore, it is crucial to recognize the signs of bed bugs and begin extermination as soon as possible.


Our customers spread everything in containers on the bed as well as around. Things like lavender, chestnuts, cloves, turmeric, talcum powder, and baking soda will not deter bed bugs from biting. Reportedly, only the American cockroach is bed bug enemy #1, but they mostly live outdoors and can fly. Therefore, extermination using them may not be feasible at home. However, if you have tested any of the above it is recommended to vacuum the room of all these spices as they can interact with chemicals and deactivate them.


Diatomaceous earth has long been used to fight bed bugs. Its action is scientifically proven to kill bed bugs within 4 hours of contact with the diatomaceous earth. We, however, did this test and put them in a mound of diatomaceous earth for 3 minutes, and while they had trouble moving in it, after 24 hours one bed bug was still alive, the other had died. No data on what caused their deaths, possibly biting frequency. When bed bugs come into contact with diatomaceous earth, they become coated with it due to the hygroscopic properties of diatomaceous earth, and pull water out of it. As a result, the bed bug dies from dehydration. The problem with diatomaceous earth is the problem of applying it to the surface we sleep on. If it is a 4 legged bed with no contact with the walls, we can sprinkle it on the legs at the base within 5cm radius of each leg of the bed. However, if the bed is in contact with a wall or is a sofa or corner sofa which have more contact with the floor, this makes it very difficult for the diatomite to spread properly. The bug will usually find a safe way to get around the obstacle anyway.


High percentage alcohol is effective against bed bugs and can destroy bed bug eggs. During our test, we soaked a bed bug for one minute in 37.5% rum. After this time, the bed bug was removed from the tube and was still alive. After 24h, the bed bug showed no signs of life. The big disadvantage of alcohol is that it deactivates almost all chemicals and cannot be combined with other methods. Also, the bed bug or eggs must be in direct contact with the alcohol where you might as well squash them with your finger. The alcohol will evaporate very quickly and the bugs will continue to breed as if nothing had happened.


It is almost as effective as alcohol, but there is no data on how strong a concentration the vinegar must be. Also, as with alcohol, the bug must be in direct contact with the vinegar. However, as I said there is no research on how high the concentration of vinegar needs to be. We did a test with 7.2% vinegar, but the bed bugs were alive and well the next day after being in it for 3 minutes. The problem is that we don't know where the research comes from and how strong they have spirit vinegar in a particular country. Just like alcohol vinegar deactivates the chemical.